Meet Sam, our Sous Chef

Samantha is from Seattle and everyone calls her Sam. She finished Culinary School of America there and worked at several restaurants in the Seattle area. We are pleased she chose Friday Saturday Sunday when she came to Philadelphia. Sam is organized and productive which keeps the kitchen working at full efficiency.Very resourceful and creative, she is particularly attuned to vegetables, fruits and soups. Her take on chilled watermelon gazpacho is spectacular, with pineapple salsa and lime panna cotta.

Besides food, Sam's other passion is cycling with her husband. She participates in road and track races as well as criteriums in which she recently medaled with a 3rd finish.



The story of our ravioli: We make 'em for you!


Making home-made ravioli is a family affair at Friday Saturday Sunday. Everybody pitches in. One of the reasons is it's fun!

The sheet of pasta is layed on the ravioli form and a filling is piped onto the pockets. In this picture, the filling is fresh goat cheese, sun dried tomato and herbs. You don't need a pastry pipe. It can be simply spooned on. Beaten egg is brushed onto the pasta and another sheet is pressed on. A thin roller is rolled over the pasta and ravioli form. This cuts a rag tooth pattern and seals the pasta.

You don't need a ravioli form or a roller. The second sheet can be pressed down with your fingers to seal the stuffing. Then a pairing knife can cut the pasta. This gives an interesting home made look.

The ravioli is boiled just a few minutes and then drained and sauced. Delicious!

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